Numworks Calculator Review: The TI-84 Killer?

Every year, thousands of students around the world are instructed to buy a graphing calculator for their math courses. Typically, this is the latest TI-84 calculator.

This common choice is not without its benefits: the popularity of this calculator means that students can more easily find resources and programs that can help them to succeed.

One of the drawbacks of the TI-84, however, is that the technology isn’t exactly up to date. The specifications of the latest TI-84 Plus CE are less than impressive, and the software hasn’t received any significant updates in decades.

This is where a new competitor, Numworks, comes in.

Numworks is a new calculator with an easy to use interface, Python support, open source software, and more that provides students with a calculator that feels modern and up to date. Check out my video review below!

Numworks Website: