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Operating System Updates

Staying up to date on the latest operating system gives you access to the newest and greatest features of the TI-84 Calculators! ‚Äč

Currently, the TI-84 Plus CE is the only supported TI-84 model, so no new updates will be released for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus, or the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

TI-84 Plus CE OS | TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition OS | TI-84 Non Color OS
Install the update by sending the file downloaded above using TI-Connect CE.

TI-Connect CE

TI Connect CE

TI Connect CE allows you to send and recieve files with your calculator, allowing you to send games, programs, images, notes, and more!

Download for Windows | Download for Mac | Manual
Install by clicking a download button above, and then install the download.

Calc Emulators

Calculator Emulators

Downloading a TI-84 Emulator allows you to use a TI-84 Calculator on your computer or phone! This is an excellent option for students that do not have access to a TI-84 at home, or don't want to carry it with them everywhere they go. Note: There is (sadly) no emulator for IOS.

Emulator for Android: Wabbitemu Android
Emulator For Mac/Windows: Wabbitemu Computer
The above options support all TI-84 Calculators except the TI-84 Plus CE.

If you would like an emulator that supports the TI-84 Plus CE, you can try CEmu, but it is a bit more complex, and is designed for developers.

Calc Recovery Smaller

Calculator Recovery/Repair

Having a TI-84 Calculator break is something no one wants to have happen. Especially considering the $100+ price tag.

Fortunately, fellow calculator enthusiast TheLastMillennial has put together an excellent guide to solving any problem you may have with the TI-84 Plus CE Calculator.

See it Here!