Any Base Logarithms on the TI-84 Plus CE

Calculating logarithms on the TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator (or any other TI-84 Plus, for that matter) is a common operation used in many high school level classes.

Most students know that you can calculate a base 10 logarithm by pressing the [log] button on the keypad, but the option to change the base is hidden away in the calculator’s menus.

Let’s get started!

Finding the “logBASE(” Operation

“logBase(” is the name of the operation on your calculator that allows you to calculate any base logarithm (If you are only interested in calculating base 10 logs, you can just use the [log] button).

To access it, press [alpha][window], and select the fifth option from the menu, logBase(.

You will now be able to type the base of the log you would like to calculate. For example, if I was calculating the base 2 logarithm of 16, I would type 2 in this first box.

Press the right arrow key to switch to the next box. You can now type the number you would like to find the logarithm of. For my example of the base 2 logarithm of 16, I would type 16 here.

Finally, just press enter to reveal your final answer!

Finding the logbase option

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