TI-84 Plus CE: Working with Fractions

The TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator offers the ability to use fractions in calculations, but these options are hidden away in the calculator’s menus. Once you learn how to use these functions, you will be able to calculate using fractions, convert between fractions and decimals, and convert between improper and mixed numbers.

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Typing a Fraction

To access the FRAC menu (the fraction menu), press the [Alpha] key, and then the [y=] key.

A menu should then be shown. To create a fraction, select the first option: “n/d”, by pressing [enter].

Finding the fraction template

Now, you should see an empty fraction template. Fill in the boxes with the numerator and denominator of the fraction. You can navigate between the two boxes by using the arrow keys. For example, if you want to enter the fraction 3/4, you could enter it like this:

Using the fraction template

To escape the fraction and to continue typing more numbers, press the right arrow key.

You can now type the rest of the expression you are trying to calculate. Don’t forget to go back to the FRAC menu and reselect “n/d” every time you want to create a fraction!

Operations with fractions

Notice that the calculator helpfully simplifies fractions for us!

Using Mixed Numbers

You may have noticed that in the FRAC menu, directly below the fraction option, there is a similar option titled “Un/d”. This is the mixed number option. Selecting it will allow us to type mixed numbers.

Typing Mixed Numbers

If you would like to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions or vice versa, you can select the third option, titled “>n/d<>Un/d”. Placing this operation after a mixed or improper fraction will convert it into the opposite form.

Improper to Mixed Numbers Convertor

Converting Between Fractions and Decimals

We have now arrived at the last option in the FRAC menu. The fourth option, titled “>F<>D” allows us to convert decimals to fractions, or fractions to decimals.

It works similarly to the mixed/improper number converter. All we have to do is place it after a decimal or fraction, and it will be converted into the opposite form. Take a look at this example:

Using the fraction to decimal convertor

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