How to Use Wabbitemu: A Free TI-84 Emulator

Texas Instruments sells a TI-84 Plus CE calculator emulator called “TI-SmartView CE”, and expects us to use it if we want to emulate a TI-84 on our computers.

The price? Brace yourself.

It costs $85.00. And you have to buy at least 5 copies. You might as well just buy a few more calculators with a price tag like that.

Thankfully, a free alternative does exist! It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Android devices (sorry, no IOS version!). It’s name? Wabbitemu.

Wabbitemu: The Free Alternative to TI-Smartview CE

Ready to use it? Let’s get started!

Before being able to do anything, you are going to need to download the software.

Here is the Download link

This step-by-step guide will show you how to set up the program on a computer, but the process is essentially the same if you are doing it on a phone.

How to Set Up Wabbitemu

Step One: Open the file you downloaded (Wabbitemu.exe for Windows computers)

Step Two: When the “Wabbitemu ROM Selection” screen shows up, select the “Create a ROM image using open source software” option, and click next.

You can also create a ROM image using your real calculator, but this is not worth the extra work in my opinion.

Step Three: Wabbitemu should now ask what Calculator Type you would like to emulate. I would recommend choosing the TI-84 Plus SE.

If a color calculator emulator is a must-have for you, you can check out another emulator called¬†CEmu. I don’t recommend this if you are not a developer, as it is really designed for programming purposes.

Step Four: On the OS selection screen, the best option is just to click “Download OS files from TI’s website”, and press Finish. This way, you don’t have to worry about downloading it manually.

Step Five: It should now ask you where it should save the TI-84 ROM file. I just created a folder on my desktop called “Wabbitemu” and saved it in there along with the Wabbitemu.exe file I downloaded. This makes it easy for me to access it again in the future.

Congratulations! If all went well, you should now have a working TI-84 Plus Silver Edition emulator running on your computer. You can use it just as you would with a normal calculator, and you can always access it by opening the executible file you downloaded.

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