Fake Memory Clear Program | TI-84 Plus CE

What is this “Fake Memory Clear” that you speak of?

Fake Reset CE is a fake memory clear program for the TI-84 Plus CE (and CE-T) calculators. 

In short, when you run it, resetting will seemingly clear the memory as usual, but will actually leave all your programs untouched, hidden until you exit the program.

Let’s see it in action!
Ask and you shall receive:

As you can see above, this program is incredibly realistic, and leaves all of your data untouched!

Download and Use

Behold, the download link: Click Here

To use it, download the above file, extract both of the programs inside it, and send them to your calculator. Then, as shown in the above GIF, open the program on your calculator called “FAKE” to start the program. When you wish to exit the program, simply press the “ON” button on your calculator, and all your data will magically reappear!

Getting an error? Try updating your calculator to the newest operating system: TI-84 Plus CE OS

Some notes on this program…

  • This is simply a simulator of the calculator’s operating system. While the program is running, you will not be able to perform calculations, or really do anything other than performing a Fake reset.
  • This program was created for educational purposes ONLY. TI84CalcWiz does not condone malicious use of this software.
  • This software was created by TI84CalcWiz.com. The distribution of this program through sources other than this website is prohibited without the explicit permission of TI84CalcWiz via the email listed below.
  • If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]